Computer Science/Business

  • Course Offerings

    Introduction to Computer Science 
    AP Computer Science Principles
    AP Computer Science - A
    Computer Science - AB
    Coding & Gaming 1, 2
    Business and Finance 
    Accounting for Business
    Accounting for Merchandising

    CODING & GAMING 1 - The Coding and Gaming course is designed to give the student an understanding of introductory programming and game development. Students will explore the history of game design, careers in game design, current technologies, media and arts applications, and emerging technological advances impacting this field in order to introduce students to various careers in education in the rapidly expanding game design industry sector.

    CODING & GAMING 2 – The Coding and Gaming 2 course is designed for students who want to learn more about computer science through the process of how a video game is conceived, how it is put together, and how it is published. Students will review the game design process, elements of game play, creating game documentation, and scripting from Coding and Gaming.

    BUSINESS AND FINANCE - Business and Finance introduces the student to basic economics, business dynamics, private enterprise, entrepreneurship, marketing, management, finance and financial institutions, human resources, production and career exploration. The student develops the ability to understand business concepts, methods and criteria. The student will understand the culture of business, think critically, work cooperatively, compute related applications and develop career skills.

    ACCOUNTING FOR BUSINESS - In Accounting for Business, the student will learn the processes of transactional analysis, journals, ledgers and posting, analysis of adjustments and the worksheet, financial statements and analysis, recording of adjusting, closing and reversing entries and the accounting control system of payroll, vouchers, and inventory. These applications of accounting will first be introduced on hand ledgers followed by an electronic computer spreadsheet program as well as an accounting software program.

    ACCOUNTING FOR MERCHANDISING - In Accounting for Merchandising, the student will review the accounting cycle, learn to journalize sales on accounts, account for cash receipts, account for purchases on accounts, account for cash payments, and record general journal transactions for a merchandising business. The student will also learn to prepare a ten-column worksheet, prepare financial statements for a corporation, record the adjusting entries, and record the closing of the temporary accounts. In addition, students will learn.

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