World Language

  • The Sunny Hills' World Language Department is composed of 11 teachers that teach four languages. Our department offers the choices of Spanish, German, Korean, and Chinese as a world language option. We encourage our students to stick with their language so that they might receive the California Biliteracy Seal on their high school diploma. The Seal is given to students who take a world language for four years and receive a B average grade or better for their world language courses while maintaining a minimum of a C average in their English classes. Those students who have more ability in a world language might attain the Biliteracy Seal by passing an International Baccalaureate exam or Advance Placement exam in their junior year of high school, and this would remove the need to take four physical years of a language.

    Our classes are designed to help students acquire a language while also learning about and experiencing the culture of the language that they study. Our hope is that our students get a strong language foundation from our courses and that they might continue to pursue fluency in their chosen world language even after their years at Sunny Hills.

    Our Spanish courses come in two varieties, classes for students with little or no Spanish experience and Native Speaker courses that are available to students that already have a strong background in Spanish. We want to place each student in the level they will be most comfortably challenged in, so we offer level challenge exams in the spring for placement into the Native Speaker classes and for our regular Spanish courses for kids that might have already had prior language course and feel they could start our program above level one.

    Our department hopes your students make learning a world language one of their high school goals and get that Biliteracy Seal along the way!!!

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