• Course Offerings

    1)  Introduction to Computer Science - It is a general introduction to computer science that covers the following topics
    • Computing and problem solving
    • Webpage Development
    • Beginning Game Design
    • Design Process
    • Data 
    • Physical Computing
    2)  AP Computer Science Principles
    • Representing Data - Binary Numbers, Text, and Images
    • Intellectual Property
    • The Internet
    • Data
    • Cybersecurity
    • Programming in Python
    3)  AP Computer Science A
    • Learning Processing to introduce programming concepts
    • Writing Algorithms
    • Coding in Java and Debugging
    • Data Structures
    • Searches and Sorts
    • Recursion
    4)  Coding and Gaming 1
    • Programming in JavaScript
    • Build 2D games
    • Debugging and problem solving 
    • Animation in code
    • Creating graphics
    • All about variables, functions, objects, and arrays
    5)  Coding and Gaming 2
    • Game Design in Unity
    • Programming in C#
    • Build 2D and 3D games
    • Create visual and sound effects
    • Create components and mechanics
    • Learn about the gaming industry

    6)  Competitive eSports (extra-curricular)
    • Compete in high school eSports leagues
      • CIF
      • HSEL
      • PlayVS
    • Play on a competitive eSports team
      • Super SMASH Bros.
      • League of Legends
      • Valorant
      • Overwatch 2
      • Minecraft
      • Rocket League
      • Fortnite
      • Chess (online)
      • and more...

    GAMING & CODING 1 - The CodeHS video game design curriculum teaches the foundations of creating video games in JavaScript. While this course is introductory, it is an honors-level course. Its curriculum teaches the foundations of computer science and basic programming, with an emphasis on helping students develop logical thinking and problem solving skills. Once students complete the course, they will have learned material equivalent to a semester college introductory course in Computer Science and be able to program in JavaScript. 

    GAMING & CODING  2 - The Game Design in Unity course teaches the fundamentals of designing a game using the most widely accessed and preferred editing engine in the world. The intent of this course is to prepare high school students with the industry related skills needed for the workplace and higher learning environments. By the end of this course, they will understand the design planning process, be knowledgeable of industry related careers, and be able to navigate the Unity environment in order to create 3D games.

    BUSINESS AND FINANCE - Business and Finance introduces the student to basic economics, business dynamics, private enterprise, entrepreneurship, marketing, management, finance and financial institutions, human resources, production and career exploration. The student develops the ability to understand business concepts, methods and criteria. The student will understand the culture of business, think critically, work cooperatively, compute related applications and develop career skills.

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