• Lancer Math

    We use logic and critical thinking every day. We look for the best deal on those cool new sneakers, and decide if that larger boba size is worth it, and we pay rent and mortgages and taxes... so we are all math people!

    And what can math allow you to accomplish in life? Yes, it is an imperative tool in creating engineers, economists, scientists, statisticians, acuararies, and other critical STEM field workers... but really it helps us navigate a world that requires us to have "number sense."

    • This recipe makes 6 servings but I only need to feed my family of 4. How do I modify the recipe and end up with the same delicious-tasting food?
    • I just dropped my iPhone and need a new screen, but I'm not getting paid until next month. How much would it cost me to charge the repair onto my credit card versus wait 2 weeks for my paycheck to deposit?
    • My appointment is at 1:15 PM and it is noon right now. How much more Animal Crossing can I play before I have to leave the house? 

    Math is all around us. And learning it helps us PROBLEM-SOLVE. Learning how to reason and think through a problem analytically will build and train your brain to always seek solutions in a logical way. Unfortunately, we can't just learn how to add and subtract and say, "Okay, I'm logical now!" We have to continuously form connections at all of those tiny synapses in our brains - EVERY career has mathematical applications and we will help you learn them. 

    Please feel free to watch this Welcome Video and then click around in this website to find out more information about some of our math programs, course sequencing pathways, FAQ’s from previous Open Houses, and short introduction videos from our math teachers.

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