Math FAQ's

  • My student is taking (blank) math class right now; what would they take next year? 

    • Our goal at the Sunny Hills Math Department is to help students develop a lifelong appreciation of all things math! In doing this, and to prepare them for future math courses and paths, we strive to give students a strong foundation in both critical thinking and algebraic knowledge. Please see the Proposed Math Course Sequences here for a breakdown of their possible mathematical pathways. 

    How can my student prepare for their math class next year? 

    • There are so many ways to study mathematical topics online now! While it is not necessary for students to “pre-study” any topics, a student who has a solid foundation in prerequisite topics will feel confident and be ready to take on the next phase of their math learning! 
    • Some websites that do a great job of helping students re-learn concepts include Khan Academy, YouTube,,, DeltaMath, and Quizlet. 

    What is the difference between Honors and College Prep math? 

    • In general, honors math courses are preparing students for upper-level math classes like AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and International Baccalaureate. Please see our Honors Math Flyer here for more information. 
    • For incoming freshmen, there is an Honors/IB Exam scheduled to take place this month. Current students would speak with their math teachers and/or counselors for more information about switching between Honors and College Prep. 

    When is the Honors/IB Exam and how can my student register for it?

    • The exam is scheduled for this month and will be offered both online. For more information about the exam, please visit Mr. Wall’s IB website here

    What is the IB program and how does it work? 

    • The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a rigorous course of study that offers course credits and possible scholarships at various institutions, on a more international level than the Advanced Placement Program. For more information about the IB program, please visit Mr. Wall’s IB website here