Tobacco Education Prevention Program (TEPP)

The TEPP Grant, which is funded by Proposition 99, is designed to reduce youth tobacco use by helping young people make healthful tobacco-related decisions. This grant funds the TEG and TAP programs, which utilize tobacco-specific research-validated educational instruction and activities to build knowledge as well as social skills and youth development assets.

TEG - Intervening with Teen Tobacco Users:
A Positive Alternative to Suspension

TEG is an 8-session educational program is for students in grades 9-12 who don’t want to stop using tobacco. This may include teens who violate school policy or community ordinances on underage tobacco use. Many schools use Intervening With Teen Tobacco Users (TEG) as a positive alternative to suspension and juvenile courts as diversion.

Participants gain the knowledge, motivation, and action steps to move toward a healthier, tobacco-free lifestyle. Participants are encouraged to reduce their tobacco use, quit on their own, or join a voluntary tobacco cessation program, like TAP (see below).

TAP - Helping Teens Stop Using Tobacco: 
A Step-by-Step, Voluntary Cessation Program for Teens.

TAP is an 8-session program provides tobacco-using teens in grades 9-12 with the information, motivation, and support to successfully stop using cigarettes or spit tobacco. In an adult-led, support group setting, tobacco users are gently guided to a personally selected quit date and provided with specific strategies to remain tobacco-free. Facilitators and peers provide the cessation options, guidance, and social support for the choices participants make as they design their own approach to becoming tobacco-free.

Participating schools and advisers:
No Cigarettes Sign
Buena Park High School
Lead:  Earl Bench
TEG:  Earl Bench
TAP: Barb Crampton
Fullerton Union High School
Lead: Jim Pitochelli
TAP/TEG: Leon Palmisano
La Habra High SchoolNo Cigarettes sign
Lead: Fred Pavloff
TEG: Sam Kelso
TAP: Willie Schumpert
La Sierra High School
Lead: Kathi Pope
714 626-3955
La Vista High School
Lead: Roseann Halcomb
TAP/TEG: Brie Johnson
Sunny Hills High School
Lead: Christina Zubko
TEG: Christina Zubko
TAP: Craig Schwartz
Sonora High School
Lead:  Juan Viveros
TAP/TEG: Nick Layana
Troy High School
Lead: Terrik (Chief) King
714 626-4554
TEG: Christina Owens
714 626-5804
TAP: Dionne Evans
714 626-4418
In addition to TEG and TAP, the TEPP program brings tobacco education to the campuses via Royer Studios and iPad PSA learning, STAMP Tobacco train exhibits, Fullerton Museum Advertising Art, etc. 
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