About Us

  • The iSierra Online Academy offers a multifaceted high school experience.  

    We offer:

    ♦ Flexible Scheduling: Students can take a majority of their courses online, creating a schedule that will allow them to pursue personal or professional interests.

    ♦ Individualized Learning: Students are able to move at their own pace* to achieve mastery.

    ♦ Multiple Course Pathways: Allows teachers to differentiate instruction and spend more time working with students one-on-one to address critical challenges.

    ♦ Unique Master Scheduling: While taking online courses, students will be able to participate in on-campus arts, science labs, sports, clubs, and other extra-curricular programs on the BPHS or SOHS campuses.**

     iSierra welcomes students who:

    ♦ Prefer more flexibility in their daytime schedule.

    ♦ Need expanded options to address scheduling conflicts due to involvement in sports, advanced courses, or academy involvement.

    ♦ Wish to accelerate their learning to enter college sooner or pursue professional sports or careers.

    ♦ Prefer a home school environment.

    ♦ Would like to start the transition from a home school environment to a comprehensive campus.


    We offer a number of programs to meet a variety of student needs.  

    iSierra Blended: Students' schedule consists of a majority of online courses taken through Independent Study, and up to two on-campus courses*** - typically a lab science and a fine art. Students are able to participate in on-campus sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities.

    Independent Study: Students maintain a complete schedule of online courses while participating in the Independent Study program.


    iSierra Reverse Blended: Students maintain a majority of courses on their home campus, and one to two online courses with iSierra.  All classes, both on-campus and online, are part of their 6 period schedule.

    Comprehensive Blended: Students maintain a full schedule of courses on their home campus, periods 1-6, and one to two online courses with iSierra, periods 7-8.


     *Within pacing guidelines set by the district for semester grading periods and on-time graduation.

    **Through the iSierra Blended Program Only

    ***Students’ percentage of online vs campus courses may vary based on the counselor meeting and students’ post high school goals.


    To learn more, please visit our dedicated website at www.fjuhsd.org/isierra

Students playing chess in the lab
Student working at CSUF
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