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    The Heritage Humanities Magnet is a rigorous four-year program designed to prepare and support college-bound students for university admissions and success. Through the humanities (English and Social Science), an array of multiple perspectives and global views are explored to foster critical thinking, creativity, and leadership necessary for 21st century engagement. Interdisciplinary teaching teams and a blocked schedule of classes are utilized to form a collegial learning community of peers progressing through high school as a cohort. 


    The Heritage Humanities California Magnet program is:
    • The FIRST and OLDEST specialized academic program at La Habra High School

    • The ONLY designated California state magnet program at La Habra High School
    • The FIRST program at La Habra High School to be awarded a CSBA Golden Bell Award for innovation and excellence in education

    • The program with the MOST university acceptances, valedictorians, National Honor Society inductees, and California Scholarship Federation honorees at La Habra High School


    For details about the program, the application process, and important deadlines, visit the official Heritage website: 


Summer Assignments (2021-22)