Marketing and Business Academy

  • Both college-bound and employment-bound students are invited to be a part of this small learning community, rich in technology.
    Marketing and Business Academy students will take the courses currently required/recommended for all students (such as English, Math, Science, and Social Science classes), but with an MBA focus. 
    With the curriculum integrating English, Mathematics, Social Science, Science and Business courses, cross-curricular projects will be meaningful elements of the students' learning activities. MBA strives to have a partnership between education adn business. Throughout the program students will be exposed to field trips, guest speakers, business mentors, and internships.
    The MBA
    • Produces competent students who understand the components necessary for success in business and marketing

    • Offers courses taught by progressive thinking teachers, who will prepare students for a variety of post high-school opportunities

    • Incorporates alternative scheduling to include job shadowing, internships, and team teaching

    • College Prep, Career-Related Curriculum

    • Collaborates with

      1. La Habra Chamber of Commerce

      2. North Orange County Community College District

      3. California State University, Fullerton

      4. California State Department of Education

    Highlander MBA features

    • Technology-based learning

    • Exciting education programs

    • Community based education

MBA Program