• To report an absence, tardy or early release, a parent/guardian must provide the following information when you call or send a note with the student:

    • Full name of student
    • Date of absence/tardy
    • Reason
    • Parent/guardian name and phone number

    For Full Day Absences ONLY, parents/guardians should:

    • Para reportar ausencias en español, llame al (562) 266-5012.
    • OR, give the student a note to bring to the attendance office

    *** If your child will be absent 3 or more days, contact the attendance office directly.

    *** If your child is absent for 5 or more days, a doctor's/medical note is required.

    For Late Arrivals, parents/guardians can:

    • call the direct attendance office line at 562-266-5012 or 562- 266-5013  
    • give the student a note to bring to the attendance office upon arrival to school. 

    Students need a valid reason for being late to school. Traffic, oversleeping, having to take someone else to school/work, or alarm malfunction are not valid reasons. Excessive tardies will result in an intervention. 

    For leaving early, parents/guardians can:

    • Send a note with your student to bring to the attendance office PRIOR to the student leaving campus
    • call the direct attendance office line at 562-266-5012 or 562- 266-5013 PRIOR to the student leaving campus
    • come to the attendance office in person to sign your student out PRIOR to the student leaving campus

    *If a student leaves without checking out through the attendance office, even if the parent picked them up, the absence will NOT be excused. It is a safety concern for students to leave campus without checking out. We need to know which students are on and off-campus at ALL times!

    Attendance Corrections:

    • If an error has been made in attendance, the student should talk to the appropriate teacher to discuss the situation. 
    • The teacher will then fill out an attendance correction form. 
    • The student or parent should check Aeries to make sure that the correction has been made. Please allow a few days for it to be fixed.

    Please understand that we cannot correct the attendance without something from the teacher.


    • Absences that have not been cleared within three (3) days = Truancy.
    • Tardies beyond thirty (30) minutes = Absence.
    • Leaving campus without an Off Campus Transfer Slip, including during break and passing periods = Truancy (Check in and check out with the Attendance Office.  No exceptions.)
    • Truancy/Truancies will result in Saturday School 
    • Please note: once a student is excused for five days in a row due to illness, a doctor’s note must be obtained for excusal on the fifth day. Any absences more than 5 days in a row require a doctor’s note for the absence to still be considered excused. If a doctor’s note cannot be provided, then the absence will be considered unexcused and the student will receive Saturday School. Additionally, doctor’s notes will be required for any student who is absent due to illness more than 7 days during the school year. 

    An automated phone message will be generated for each absence marked by the teacher and not cleared.  Absence letters are also generated when the student accumulates three, six or nine unexcused absences in a semester. 

    Absences will not be excused in the following cases:

    1. A parent fails to excuse a valid absence within the three (3) day limit.
    2. The student leaves the campus without checking out through the office.
    3. The student arrives late to school and does not check in through the office with an excused absence. 
    4. The student stops attending class before the change of schedule procedure can be completed. 
    5. The student does not receive permission from a teacher to attend another on-campus activity or classroom. 

    Excused Absences/Tardies are:

    • Verified Illness
    • Medical Appointments with Doctor’s Note
    • Recognized Religious Observances/Holidays
    • Religious Retreats/Trips/Education (up to 4 hours per semester as seen in the Ed Code 48205)
    • Court Appearance (with documentation)
    • Funerals (1 day local, 3 days out of state)

    Unexcused Absences/Tardies are:

    • Family Vacation/Trips
    • Family Emergencies
    • Assistance at Home or Work
    • Babysitting Family Members
    • Driving Family Members to Doctor’s Appointments
    • Oversleeping
    • Traffic
    • DMV Appointments
    • Personal Matters
    • Senior Pictures
    • Studying for Exams
    • Wedding
    • Anything else not listed on the excused absence list.