• Course Offerings

      Physical Education
      Fitness for Life/Yoga
      Dance 1, 2, 3
      Dance Production
      Dance IB SL/ HL 1 /HL 2
      Marching Band/Percussion/Jazz Ensemble/Color Guard
      Weight Training (11th & 12th only) 

      WEIGHT TRAINING - The student can apply knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired in Weight Training that lead to achieving personal goals for lifetime fitness. The student will become proficient in developing motor, skills, body movements, cardiovascular endurance and muscular development. A well-planned weight training program will provide the student an opportunity for physical growth and social development. This course may be repeated for credit.

      DANCE PRODUCTION - Dance Production offers the student an opportunity to study advanced techniques in various dance forms and choreography. The focus of the course is on student choreography that is developed, presented on stage and viewed by an audience. In addition to the principles of choreography, study and performance preparation include staging, costuming, lighting, and make-up. The student will work with professionals in the field of dance through master classes, guest artists, and the District dance festival.

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