• 2020/21 Public Notice Regarding Combined Annual and Five-Year Developer Fees Reports

    2019/20 FEES

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    Residential Fee:                        $ 4.08 per square foot

    Commericial/Industrial Fee:      $ 0.66 per square foot  


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    Public Notice Regarding Combined Annual and Five Year Developer Fees Reports


    October 24, 2019


    Government Code Sections 66001 and 66006 require school districts to be accountable for the developer fees that are collected and expended on both an annual and five-year basis.  The annual report focuses on the amount of developer fees collected and expended throughout the fiscal year and must include:


    • Type of fees collected
    • Amount of the fee
    • Beginning and ending balances of accounts
    • Total amounts collected and interest earned
    • Information regarding each project on which fees were expended
    • Identification of any inter-fund transfers or loans, if applicable
    • Amounts of any refunds


    The five-year report requires a more detailed analysis of a district’s overall use of developer fees.  The purpose of the five-year report is to illustrate the extent to which the fees collected are necessary to meeting the District’s facility program needs with respect to housing students and mitigating the impacts of the growth associated with the development for which the fees are collected.  The five-year plan should include findings that identify:


    • Identification of the purposes to which the fees will be used
    • Demonstration of the nexus between the fees and the purposes for which they are charged
    • Identification of the sources and amounts of funding anticipated to complete the financing of incomplete projects
    • Designation of the approximate dates on which the funding referred to in paragraph three is expected to be deposited into the respective District account(s)


    The annual and five-year reports must be made available to the public no later than one hundred eighty (180) days after the close of the fiscal year on June 30. The completed reports and applicable findings must be available for public review at least fifteen (15) days prior to adoption by the governing board. 


    The Annual Report will be presented to the Board of Trustees at the November 12, 2019, Board meeting. A copy of the Annual Report is available by contacting Todd Butcher, Director of Facilities & Construction, (714) 870-2818, or tbutcher@fjuhsd.org. A copy of the Annual Report is also available at the District Education Center located at:


    1051 West Bastanchury Road

    Fullerton, CA  92833



    2018/19 Developer Fee Reports (Annual & 5 Year)