Intra/Inter District Permit Application Process

  • Student Transfer
    Permit Applications
    Available & Completed
    at the
    High School of Residence Only
    (Inter-District Permit = Requesting to attend another District)
    (Intra-District Permit = Requesting to attend FJUHSD School)
    Buena Park High School Sonora High School
    Principal: Dr. Berg Principal: Mr. Cazares
    714-992-8601 or 714-992-8602 562-266-2003 or 562-266-2001
    Fullerton Union High School Sunny Hills High School
    Principal: Mrs. Rubio Principal: Mr. Weinreich
    714-626-3803 or 714-626-3801 714-626-4201
    La Habra High School Troy High School
    Principal: Mr. Garcia Principal: Dr. Mynster
    562-266-5001 714-626-4403 or 714-626-4401