Adult Transition Program (ATP)

  • Adult Transition Program (ATP)

    Fullerton Joint Union High School District’s Adult Transition Program serves our special education students who have completed their high school program and are on a Certificate of Completion course of study. These young adult students remain eligible to receive special education services from the district under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

    The purpose of FJUHSD’s Adult Transition Program (ATP) is to help our special education students and their families by supporting and facilitating our adult students’ movement from high school to a role as a contributing adult in the community. Our ATP teachers will work diligently with local community resources and state agencies to help prepare our adult students’ transition to life after the public education system.

    ATP provides transition support and development in the following skill domains:

    Functional Academics

    • Focus on academic skills necessary to function in everyday life.
    • Functional=being able to relate these skills to everyday life.
    • Learned and applied across different environments-classroom and community settings; college access.
    • Instruction occurs in both on-site and community settings.

    Vocational Skills

    • Focus on enhancing the likelihood of students being able to become contributing adults within our society and increase the opportunities of securing employment-meaningful work.
    • Instruction in work-related skills, job seeking skills, and job skill training; application of work-related skills.
    • Community-based work experience, on-site work experience.

    Community Skills

    • The focus is on student preparation in accessing and using community environments as independently as possible.
    • Focus on the application of all skill areas in community environments.
    • Includes application of appropriate social skills (e.g. asking for help, socially appropriate interactions)

    Recreation and Leisure

    • The focus is to enable students in choosing constructive and personally satisfying leisure activities in school, home, and the community.

    Independent Living Skills

    • The focus is to prepare students to become as independent as possible in his/her living environment/setting.
    • This will include instruction in food preparation, laundry, personal care/hygiene, family/social life, sexuality and their implications/applications to the community.



    Adult Program

    • CHOICESS is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) agency dedicated to improving and increasing the ability of persons with developmental disabilities to live in their own homes, work at jobs of their own choosing, develop and maintain meaningful friendships, and to be seen as included members of the community.
    • ASPIRE offers a large variety of classes in the visual and performing arts, as well as pre-vocational and life enrichment classes. We encourage our students to explore new opportunities and experiences which may bring light to undiscovered skills and talents.
    • NOCE
    • Creative Identity (music & arts day program) 

    Self Advocacy

    Independant Living

    • Taft College Transition to Independant Living

    Additional Resources

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