• Schedule Changes

    The school's master schedule is developed to meet the academic needs of our students and cannot be modified. Because of this, schedule change requests based upon preference for being with certain teachers or students, or for having subjects during a particular period will not be allowed.
    Student initiated schedule changes are only made during the first 3 days of the new semester. No schedule changes will be made unless the "Schedule Change" online google form is completed. Counselors will do their best to accommodate a student's request, but not all changes are possible. During the change process, the student is expected to attend his assigned classes.
    Student requests for schedule corrections are honored for the following reasons only and must be completed within the first three weeks of the semester:

    1. Graduation requirements omitted from schedule.
    2. College requirements omitted from schedule.
    3. Failing grade in a prerequisite course.
    4. Special programs (sports, orchestra, band, ROP, etc.).
    5. Courses completed during summer school.
    6. Scheduling error.
    After the first 3 days of the semester, if there is an error on the schedule, students can see their counselors during break, lunch, or afterschool. Errors do not include teacher or period changes.
    The deadline to drop a class without receiving a grade of "F" is the end of the 1st quarter.  If a student drops a class after this deadline, they will receive an F grade on their transcript for that dropped class. Students cannot add a class at this time. 
    Dropping a Honors or Advanced  Placement ClassHonors and AP classes cannot be dropped.  Our master schedule of classes is based upon student requests.  Students (and their parents) are told each spring that they will not be able to drop Honors or AP classes and therefore must choose very carefully.  If students are allowed to drop, the regular classes become too large and we have to cancel the Honors/AP class for everyone—which is not fair to the students who want to secure the best possible future for themselves.  (Academic classes will be given priority over electives.) We do not want students to fail.  If a student is struggling and it becomes clear that the Honors/AP class is beyond their skill level, we will make a change in the class, but only if the student has sought extra help and gone to tutoring first.  If the student is still doing poorly (D or F) after receiving extra help, the class may be dropped with permission of the instructor, counselor, and the principal.  Summer assignments are mandatory.  Again, you are making a commitment to be more than just a regular high school student.  If you do not complete your summer assignments, you will begin the year with a significantly lower grade and will still be required to complete the work for a lower grade.  Students enrolled in an AP class will be required to take the AP test.  Colleges do not penalize students for low AP scores, but colleges expect students enrolled in AP classes to take AP tests.
    Dropping Sports or AFJROTC
    Student must obtain a Sports Change form from either the coach or Counselor. This form must be signed by both the teacher of the class the student is moving from and new coach or teacher that the student is moving into and the Athletic Director. Once all signatures are obtained, the form needs to be turned into the counselor for the schedule change. To drop an AFJROTC class, the student must get a clearance receipt from the AFJROTC teachers. Once the student is cleared, the form should be turned in to the counselor for a schedule change.

    Dropping a Class
    A student may drop a class, following the online schedule change procedure and not receive a failing grade during the first quarter. However, after the first quarter, a student withdrawing from a class will receive a failing grade.
    Credit/No Credit
    The student may, with parent, teacher, and counselor approval, elect credit/no credit grading for a course in accordance with criteria established by the principal of each campus. Once credit/no credit for a course has been agreed upon, the student may not opt for a lettergrade. The deadline to take courses for credit/no credit is the last day of the first and the third quarter.

    NOTE:The University of California and the California State University do not accept credit/ no credit grades for courses used to fulfill entrance requirements.
    Grade point average (GPA) is computed only for courses which have been assigned letter grades.