Changing Your Voicemail PIN

  1. Login to voice mail.
  2. The ‘Lady in the phone’ will:
    1. If you have messages, begin to play the first message, you can stop her by pressing the * key.
    2. If you have no message, she will begin to explain what your current options are.
  3.  Whether you stopped message playback or are hearing the list of options, you can press the 4 key to be taken to Set-Up Options, then press 3 for Preferences.
  4. Select 1 to change your PIN


1. PIN must be at least 5 digits in length.

2. PIN cannot be trivial  (eg 12345 or 54321).

3. PIN cannot have 3 identical digits in a row (eg 12224)

4. PIN must not be the same as any of the previous three entries.