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    Our yearbook is on sale for $80.00 until March 1st.  After March 1st, the price goes up to $90.00, so order now and save. The price will be $100.00 from March 1st to distribution.

    Buy your yearbook online until April 14th. After April 14th, buy your yearbook in room 17.  The price will be $100.00.

    Our yearbook theme this year is "What We're Made Of".  Please feel free and add your own content to be included in our yearbook pages with the following link.

    Turn in photos to be included in the yearbook pages!


    Senior quotes are due Friday, November 13th.  NO LATE QUOTES WILL BE ACCEPTED!

    If we do not receive over 250 quotes, quotes will not be included under the portrait photos as usual but will be included in a special spread.  Quotes will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Senior Dedication Ads

  • There are only two weeks left to purchase a senior dedication page for the yearbook. This is a way to recognize your senior student in a special way that is memorable even after high school has ended. Creating a senior ad is simple!

    1. Purchase an ad/dedication page. How to Purchase: Go to the online yearbook store

    Payment: Pay online with a credit card.

    Full page: $300 Half page: $150 Quarter page: $75

    Submissions due by: 1/31/2021

    2. Choose your Photograph(s): All design elements, including photographs, will be completed online. Keep in mind that all photos must be school appropriate. The yearbook staff and adviser reserve the right to not use photos should they be deemed inappropriate.

    3. Compose your Message: When you write your message, please quote and cite any words that are not your own. Please adjust the number of words in your message based on the size ad you choose.

    4. Submit your Ad: All ads must be submitted by 1/31/2021. No late submissions can be accepted after this date!

    5. Ways to Save Money: Consider purchasing group ads. For example, a booster group may purchase one for all the seniors in the organization or sport. Groups of longtime friends may want to purchase a page together. In other words, dedication pages do not have to be for individual students.

    If you have any questions:
    Contact me (Julie Hail):