Graduation Information

  • Caps and Gowns


    To place your order by phone, please call the number below:

    1-800-JOSTENS  (800) 567-8367
    To place your order online, please visit the website provided below:

    If you do not place your order by the deadline, cap and gown sizes will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, and a late fee will be added to the original price.

    Graduation Practice

    Graduation practice will be at the LHHS stadium: Tuesday, May 26th 7:30 am

    This practice is mandatory for all graduating seniors who plan to participate in the graduation ceremony. YOU MUST ARRIVE ON TIME!!!

    Time, Location, Tickets & Parking

    Location: La Habra High School Stadium

    Procession Time: 6:30 pm

    Each student will receive tickets for the ceremony. Tickets will be given to students only. Tickets will NOT be distributed to anyone else. Graduation ceremony tickets will be distributed after the graduation practice to students who have all fines paid and/or cleared, and academic clearances are taken care of.

    Special/Handicap Seating will be available on a first come-first served basis. You may begin calling on Monday, April 20th. Only one other guest with a ticket can accompany the guest with special needs. Please contact Ms. Tarnowski at (562) 266-5006 to be added to the list.

    Graduate Conduct and Prohibited Items

    All graduating seniors will be checked for inappropriate items at the tennis courts entrance. If any items are found, they will be taken away and depending on the items students may be asked to leave. Inappropriate items include, but are not limited to:

    • Cellular phones
    • Audio/MP3 players
    • Cameras
    • Video games
    • Purses
    • Make-up/cosmetics
    • Air horns, balloons, confetti, noise makers, etc.
    • Food and drinks

    School officials will remove any student who distracts from the dignity of the ceremony. Any student under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony and will be arrested.

    Dress Code

    Ladies should wear a pant suit or dress and dress shoes. High heels are not allowed in order to prevent falling/injury and damage to the synthetic turf. Block heals are permissible. Men should wear dress pants, dress shoes, and a shirt with a collar (ties are optional but encouraged).

    Only approved tassels, cords, honor stoles, medallions, etc. may be worn. Students NOT dressed appropriately will NOT be allowed to participate in the Graduation Ceremony. Items NOT Allowed:

    • High heels
    • Tennis Shoes
    • Flip-flops
    • Denim pants/jeans, shorts, t-shirts
    • Bare feet
    • Defaced caps or gowns
    • Floral, Money, Candy Leis and any other accessories not school-issued  

    Graduation Ceremony—Guest Rules

    In order to make this a pleasant event for all guests, please inform your friends and family that they are not to bring any noisemakers, confetti, or other disruptive party items to the Graduation Ceremony. Umbrellas, strollers, and baby carriers are not permitted. Balloons and signs are popular items purchased for graduates, however, these items also block the view for guests. Thus, individuals that bring balloons or signs to the stadium will not be allowed to enter the stands.


    Diplomas are issued to all graduating seniors who:

    • Have completed all FJUHSD academic requirements
    • Have paid and/or cleared all fines

    Diplomas will be distributed on Thursday, May 28th at LHHS.


    There is a release form you must sign to get your transcripts. You must provide a stamped business-sized envelope, addressed to your college.

    Remember to request your final transcripts. They are not automatically sent to colleges or NCAA. Transcripts will go out after grades are verified and posted.

    Transcripts are free while you are a student. After graduation students may request them electronically at We DO NOT FAX official or unofficial transcripts.

    Class Reunions

    The first reunion for the class of 2020 will be held in 2030. The Senior Class President will form a committee to plan the reunion. Alumni will be contacted when plans are made. Please make sure La Habra High School has your family’s address.