• 9th Grade Students: 4 days a week, all 9th graders are placed in a Freshman FoCus class with a faculty advisor who will create an environment where students get to know each other, questions are answered, and activities are done on time a week with Freshmen FocuS Team Leaders. If they receive a D or F during any grading period, they will be placed in an intervention class for the next five-week grading period.

    10th-11th-12thThese students will be assigned to a tutorial, study hall, or SSR/Enrichment intervention if they had any D's or F's on their previous grade report. After the next 5-week grading period, these students will remain in intervention if they continue to earn any D's or F's. If they have improved, having no D's and F's, they will be rewarded with an extended break for the next grading period. 

    Extended Break: The extended break will be available to students who did not have any D's or F's in their previous grade report. Their ID cards will have a sticker indicating that they have the option of an extended break. Students must carry their ID cards with them at all times. Students will have the option of going to a tutorial, study hall or SSR/Enrichment if they so choose.

  • What Is

    Coyote HWOL

    The primary purpose of Coyote HOWL is to provide additional support and to encourage students' success. Coyote HOWL is a mandatory intervention program for students in grades 9-12 who are receiving one or more D's or F's at any grading period.

    Student Expectations

    Coyote HOWL's goal is to help students be successful. Students must take responsibility for their academic success and strict behavioral expectations will be enforced. Students will be expected to arrive on time for their intervention program, bring work to study, or be ready for tutoring in order to achieve maximum SUCCESS. Students who choose to act out during their intervention will be removed immediately and placed in a detention room for the remainder of that 24-minute period. If this happens, the student will miss their extended lunch on Friday and be placed in a detention room for a 24- minute period. If students choose not to attend their assigned intervention programs on a daily basis, they will be assigned a Saturday School unless they have an excused absence for that day.