General Program Descriptions

  • The iSierra Online Academy consists of flexible, dynamic programs which individualize students' education to meet them at their level and their pace - within reason.  It is completely different from the traditional path of the comprehensive or continuation high school.  iSierra blends traditional high school and Independent Study to create a format to fit the needs of a variety of students.

    Independent Study:

    Student schedule consists of 100% online courses in an Independent Study format.  Students maintain enrollment at La Sierra High School.

    iSierra Blended:

    Student schedule consists of a majority of online courses in an Independent Study format, and up to two on-campus courses* - typically a lab science and a fine art or PE - at one of our district's comprehensive campuses. Students are able to participate in campus sports, clubs, and other extra-curricular activities.  Students maintain enrollment at La Sierra High School.

    Comprehensive Blended:

    Student schedule consists of a majority of on-campus courses at one of the district's comprehensive campuses, and up to two online courses with iSierra.  Students maintain enrollment at their comprehensive campus.

    *Students’ percentage of online vs campus courses and choice of campus courses may vary, based on a counselor meeting, course availability, and students’ post high school goals.

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