Coach Reports

  • The iSierra Online Academy does not send home "report cards", nor do we enter grades into Aeries in the traditional fashion.  However, in partnership with our digital curriculum provider, APEX Learning, we utilize a system called Coach Reports.  As a parent/guardian, you have been designated as an academic coach for your student.  Please note that you MUST provide an email address to use this system.  If you do not already have one, please create one and send the email address to your student's Supervising Teacher.  We cannot use your student's email address for a Coach Report.
    As a coach, you will receive weekly emails every Sunday that give you an overview of how your student is 
    doing in his/her APEX Learning course(s). You can use this information to keep an eye on your student's performance and as a conversation starter if he/she appears to be struggling. 
    Here are a few pointers for understanding the Coach Report email.
    • Stoplight: (Is my student falling behind in their work?) This color represents the On Schedule Percent - the number of graded activities a student has completed due through today divided by the total number of activities due through today. 
    Green: 80% or more activities are turned in ON SCHEDULE. (On-time, according to the due dates set up in your student's Enrollment Details Report).
    Yellow: 60% to 79% activities are turned in ON SCHEDULE.  This means there is a possibility 40% are not turned in.  CAUTION!
    Red: 59% or less are turned in on schedule.  This means a failing percent of activities are not turned in.  DANGER!!
    • Quality of Work: (Is my student on track to pass the course?) This is the points the student has earned on completed activities divided by the points possible for completed activities. 
    • Grade to Date: (What is my student’s grade right now?) This is the points the student has earned on all activities completed through the current date, divided by the points possible on activities due to the current date. (To be fair, this is only accurate if ALL assignments' scoring is caught up at the time of the Coach Report email, and that is not always possible).  Check with your student's teacher if you would like clarification.  
    • Last Access: (When did my student last open his/her course?) This tells you the date your student last accessed their course. All Independent Study students should be accessing their courses daily, as well as working a minimum of 5 hours each day.  While students in the Comprehensive Blended Program have a bit more leeway in regard to daily access, more than a few days without accessing and working in their course is cause for concern.  More than a week is cause for serious concern.  Two or more weeks means a potential failing grade/loss of credit or a potential drop from the program.   Please note:  a student can be accessing their course without actually working in it.  See Detail Report below.
    • Detail Report: (Did my student work online yesterday/during the time he/she stated, etc..., and how long?)  Select the Detail Report link next to the student's name for detailed information about how your student is spending their time in their course.  This report tells you to the minute how many times and for how long each time your student was in their course.
    For more information about being a coach, you can watch the Coach Report Tutorial below and download the Coach Reports Getting Started Guide below.
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