Welcome to the Comprehensive Blended Program

  •  La Sierra High School's iSierra Online Academy offers this unique program which allows students to participate in a hybrid online schedule that can be utilized for a variety of purposes.

    This program is ideal for students who:

    • Prefer more flexibility in their daytime schedule.
    • Need expanded options to address scheduling conflicts due to involvement in sports, advanced courses, or academy involvement.
    • May need to make up credit for one or two courses in order to graduate.
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How Does the Comprehensive Blended Program Work?

  • Students take the majority of courses on their comprehensive campus, and one to two online courses with iSierra.

    Weekly Appointments:

    • Students have a required weekly afterschool appointment with their Supervising Teacher.  These appointments will be set up once students are enrolled. 
      • The appointment can be in-person or through a virtual conferencing platform such as Zoom or Google Meet. 
      • The appointment is up to 1.5 hours and is to discuss progress, coursework, and take unit tests. 

    Working on Coursework:

    • Students work on their coursework anywhere there is an internet connection. 
    • Students are able to set a flexible schedule to work on their coursework, as long as the pacing goals are being met each week. 
    • Students are also required to meet with their course teachers via phone, email, or through virtual conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet in order to receive instruction and/or help with their coursework. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I need to miss an appointment?

    Because the appointments are after school, and the Supervising Teachers are only available after school on particular days, rescheduling appointments is not always possible.  Therefore, it is very important to clear your schedule to make your appointments.  There are policies in place if missing an appointment is unavoidable.  However, too many missed appointments may affect the credit you are trying to earn.

    Can I take a science class?


    Can I take an AP class?

    Yes, certain AP classes are available.  However, it is advisable to take online AP classes only when taking the class on campus is not an option.  Online AP classes can be very challenging.   If taking an AP class through our program, you should speak to your counselor about joining any study groups offered on campus.  Additionally, La Sierra is not an AP testing site, so if you are planning to take the AP test, you must make arrangements with your counselor to take it on your comprehensive campus.

     Can I earn P .E. credits in the Comprehensive Blended Program?

    Yes. PE credits are earned through a combination of coursework and physical activity.  The coursework covers Physical Education topics as prescribed by the California Department of Education.  The physical activity is evidenced through Excercise Logs, with credit given for hours accrued, as per the California Department of Education PE Standards.

    Can I take more than one course at a time?

    Generally, only one course at a time is recommended in the Comprehensive Blended Program.  The majority of our students are taking a full schedule of classes on their comprehensive campuses, and more than one online course can be a tremendous burden for a student.  If more than one is needed for whatever reason, than the Supervising Teacher can set up truncated course due dates to allow the student to complete the course faster, giving the student time to complete another course before the semester ends.  Ultimately, students' course schedule will be determined through consultation with the student, parent/guardian, Counselor, and Supervising Teacher. 

    Is this program UC and NCAA approved?

    Yes.  Students will need to work with their counselor to make sure their course schedule meets A-g and NCAA requirements.