• While you are encouraged to get help from your course instructor, it is very helpful to look into other resources to meet your needs.  

     For alternate assistance in your subjects:
    LSHS Independent Study students may attend Virtual Face to Face tutoring.  Please click on the link to the left for information on signing up. Students can also check out the online tutorial resources below by selecting the image.
    BPHS, FUHS, LHHS, LVHS, SHHS, SOHS, TRHS students taking online courses through our Comprehensive Blended Program should attend tutoring on their own campuses, or check out the following online tutorial resources by selecting the image.
    Khan Academy
    Khan Academy
    You need to set up a student account using your school e-mail address.  Then, you may select your subject area and choose video tutorials on the topics in which you need help.
    YouTube for Education
    Type the topic in which you need help into the search bar at the top of the You Tube Education homepage, and then select the video that meets your need.
    Patrick Math Tutorials
    Patrick Math Tutorials - Basic to Advanced
    This is a phenomenal site with hundreds of easy to follow tutorials ranging from General Math to Calculus.  Do not follow any links to a live tutor.  Stick with the free videos.
    Virtual Nerd
    Virtual Nerd - Real Math Help
    Over 1,500 video lessons in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, and Geometry.