Welcome to Our Independent Study Program

  • While the iSierra Online Academy offers three different programs, the only program which is 100% online is the Independent Study Program.

    What is Independent Study?

    Independent Study is an individualized educational plan for students who prefer something other than a traditional classroom setting. Independent Study can be highly personalized and offers flexibility and opportunity for unique scheduling.  

    Independent Study students:

    • Meet with their counselor to set up and maintain an individualized academic course plan, catered to post high school goals.
    • Have a regularly scheduled weekly appointment with a Supervising Teacher, who oversees students' progress towards completion of the academic course plan. 
    • Meet with Course Teachers in order to receive instruction and/or help with their coursework.  
    • Work on their assigned coursework at home (or anywhere there is internet access).
    • Need to complete 1.5 to 2.0 credits each week.*
    • Are eligible to take classes at the comprehensive high school, local community colleges and through ROP.

    Independent Study is for students who:

    • Prefer more flexibility in their daytime schedule.
    • Need expanded options to address scheduling conflicts due to involvement in professional sports or careers.
    • Wish to accelerate their learning to enter college sooner or pursue professional sports or careers.
    • Prefer a home school/distance learning environment.
    • Wish to set their courses up in a "block schedule" format.
    • Are self-motivated/desire to actively participate in their own education.
  • *Student attendance is based on the completion and submission of weekly assignments, not traditional "seat time".  In Independent Study, students' work completion is converted into attendance days by the Supervising Teacher.

    All meetings with teachers may take place in-person or virtually.

    The keys to success in Independent Study are a motivated and committed student, strong support at home, and frequent communication with the Supervising and Course teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I need to miss an appointment?
         Students, with parent/guardian knowledge, can reschedule an appointment, as long as it has been arranged in advance with the Supervising Teacher.

    Can I come to school/meet with my teacher more often than once per week?
         Additional school/lab/meeting time is possible through discussion with the Supervising Teacher or Course Teacher.

    Can I earn credits faster in Independent Study?
         This depends completely on the student.  The exception is if a student is taking NCAA courses.  NCAA students need to complete their coursework in the typical 18 week semester.

    How do I earn P .E. credits in Independent Study?
         PE credits are earned through a combination of coursework and physical activity.  The coursework covers Physical Education topics as prescribed by the California Department of Education.  The physical activity is evidenced through Excercise Logs, with credit given for hours accrued, as per the California Department of Education PE Standards.

    Can I take more than one course at a time?
         Students' course schedule will be determined through consultation with the student, parent/guardian, Counselor, and Supervising Teacher.  A variety of scheduling options are possible.

    Is this an accredited program? 
         The iSierra Online Academy is WASC accredited through La Sierra High School, and is a-g and NCAA approved.