Initial Voicemail Setup

Your first step in using Cisco Unity Connection, also called Voice Mail, is to enroll as a user, which you do by phone. Typically, Connection is set up so that you hear the first-time enrollment conversation when you call the system for the first time.

The first-time enrollment conversation is a set of prerecorded prompts that guide you as you do the following tasks:

  • Record your name. (Please say just your name, no title, no position, no office number, etc.)
  • Record a greeting that outside callers hear when you do not answer your phone. (Now you can add any additional info you want, like title, office number, etc.) {You may want to write down what you want your message to say, then make any changes to the script BEFORE you begin recording. Once the script is complete, practice reading it aloud, now place the call to Unity Connection and your message will sound natural and professional. }
  • Change your phone password. (Must be at least 5 digits in length, and cannot repeat any previously used password.)

Your Initial voice mail setup PIN or password will be provided to you by the principal's secretary or the site technician at your school.

At any time after enrollment, you can rerecord your name and your greeting, or change your phone password.

To Enroll as a Voice Mail User

Step 1:  From your desk, press the Messages button, you hear the ‘lady in the phone’ say, ‘enter your PIN followed by pound’ she is asking for your PIN or password; the Initial setup password will be provided to you. 

Step 2:  Listen carefully, and respond as prompted. You do not need to refer to any Connection documentation during enrollment. The system will tell you when the enrollment process is complete.

If you hang up before you have completely enrolled, the first-time enrollment conversation plays again the next time you log on to Connection.