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Canine Impact Solutions

From the Fullerton Joint Union High School Website:

In an effort to keep the schools free of dangerous contraband, the District will begin to use specially trained, non-aggressive dogs to sniff out and alert staff members to the presence of substances prohibited by law or BP/AR. A school administrator will accompany the handler and dog during all searches. Students will be instructed to leave their backpacks and personal belongings in the classroom and the classroom teacher will escort students outside of the classroom. The administrator, handler, and dog will enter the empty classroom to conduct the search. The dogs may sniff the air around lockers, desks, and backpacks, or vehicles on District property or at District-sponsored events. Dogs will not sniff within close proximity of students or other persons. The District and site administration has sought out this service as a deterrent to the unfortunate increase in vapes and marijuana products on school campuses.


Please click on the link below to watch a brief video about Impact Canine Solutions:

Contraband Dog Information Video


Also, please click on the link below for a letter from the Distrct regarding the use of contraband dogs: 

FJUHSD Notification Letter