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2019 AP Exam Registration

This is a notification that Advanced Placement (AP) Exam registration for Troy will take place January 28- February 8, 2019.  Registration is done through the Total Registration website. Students must be enrolled in the AP course in order to take the AP Exam at Troy.  AP Exam registration information will be made available in January and emailed to parents and students, sent to AP teachers to post, as well as posted to the school website.  AP Exams will cost $99.00 each which includes the registration fee; late registration will cost more. If a student is enrolled in the Free & Reduced Lunch Program (FRLP), they are eligible for AP Exam fee waivers.  To apply for the FRLP, go to the FJUHSD Food Services page (  You may also obtain a paper copy of the FRLP application in Troy’s Front Office.  In case you missed the September 28th deadline, you have until December 10th to submit your FRLP application for AP Exam fee waiver eligibility.  It is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian to register for AP Exams. If the deadline is missed, students will be unable to take the exams.