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Yearbook is a UC-honors g elective. The class is part of the Troy Tech media pathway. This class gives students the opportunity to work within a student-led organization to produce a 300+ page yearbook. Our award-winning book showcases the work of talented Troy photographers, writers and graphic designers.

As part of our staff you will be involved with all levels of business planning, content creation and group collaboration. There are several leadership positions available for students who want to become more involved in the production process. These leaders develop excellent inter- and intrapersonal communication skills as they lead small groups as well as the staff as a whole.

Apply to become a part of this invaluable Troy organization!

Applications are due NO LATER than January 28, 2022.

Informational sessions will be held on Monday Jan 10 and Wednesday Jan 19 at lunch. See the Google Classroom for more information (join code is on the application).