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Instructions for the 2020-2021 Advanced Placement (AP) Exam  Registration Process

Students enrolled in AP courses at Troy this year who wish to register for the AP exam for that class must follow these steps, established by the College Board, to register for their May 2021 exams.  All steps must be completed, in order for your AP Exam registration to be complete.  Please note that if any of these procedures are missed it will result in incomplete registration and the inability to take the May 2021 exam(s).


Early September 2020 (Completed by students with their AP teacher during class)
Step 1: Sign in to your My AP ( account, or create one if necessary, and enroll in your AP Class section(s).  Your AP teacher(s) will share the unique AP class Join Code with you.  This step will be completed during your AP class period. Parents/Guardians, students must have a My AP account (set up through the College Board) and know the login information. 
Step 2: Once in the AP Classroom, under the “Order Exam?” column,  you must select “Yes” to indicate that you will be taking the AP exam; this begins your exam order to the College Board.  Additionally you will also be entering personal information used for AP exam registration.  It is important that you provide this information thoroughly and accurately. The registration information you provide is used to produce a unique AP exam label that you will use on your exam materials. NOTE: It is also crucial that you use the same name (legal) on all AP registration forms and during payment through the Total Registration website. 
September 28-November 5, 2020 (Completed online by the student and parent/guardian)
Step 3: Students and parents/guardians must then complete exam registration and pay for AP exam(s) using Troy’s Total Registration account.  The link to our Total Registration account is:
Registration and payment for exams will end November 5; registration after that date will incur a late fee.  Failure to register and pay for the AP exam(s) by that date will result in the inability to take the exam.  Students and parents/guardians must also review the included information on What to Bring/What not to Bring to AP exams and additional exam information.
May 1, 2021 (Last day to cancel to receive FULL REFUND; after this date there will be no refunds, unless we are still in pandemic-mode.)
May 1, 2021 is the last date when a student may cancel an AP exam and receive a FULL REFUND (less $4.00 per exam processing fee). Exam cancellations are to be requested through the student’s Total Registration account.  AFTER this date there will be no refunds, unless we are still in a pandemic situation. For all exam cancellations, students will be charged a $4.00 fee per exam to cover the Total Registration processing fee for which we are held responsible.
May 3-14 2021 
AP Exams take place during these two weeks.  Starting in late April students will receive emails via their Total Registration account with their exam schedule and details.  It is pertinent that students read these messages so they arrive at their exam(s) locations prepared and on time.  Failure to arrive prepared with required materials or to arrive at the test location on time may result in the inability to take the exam.