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Schedule Changes

Schedule Changes 

After the first week of school, students requesting an alternate level must complete the Honors/AP/IB Level Up/Down Teacher Conversation Form, which will be available in the  Guidance Office.  

Students may only request schedule changes directly through their school counselor. The Online Course Change Request Form is no longer active.  You may also find our school rules and regulations regarding course changes and leveling guidelines in our Student Handbook and Board Policy. 


Students may NOT make changes to their schedules for the following reasons:

  • Changes Based on Teacher Preference

  • Changes Based on Period Preference

Students must use this form regarding their schedules if they are:

  • Missing a Class

  • Took and Passed a Class on his/her Schedule Already

  • Class Level is Incorrect (i.e. honors class when it shouldn't be)

  • Have an Open Period in his/her Schedule

  • Missing Sport/Dance/Cheer Course on Schedule

  • Want to Change an Elective Class in order to maintain a-g eligibility

  • Adding/Changing Electives that Were Not Chosen in the Spring during registration (if space permits)

  • ADD/DROP an AP/IB/Honors Course  (After the first week of school, students must complete the Level Up/Level Down Form.  Forms can be found in the Guidance Office)

Due to limited space availability, we do not guarantee that requests can be processed.