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Food Drive Kick Off

The kick-off for the annual Food Drive is this Tuesday, 11/12/19. This will happen TWICE each period on Tuesday, November 12. Please see all the details below regarding Food Drive history and important dates! 


Food Drive History and Description:

The Sonora Food Drive was started in the mid-1970s by a science teacher named John Feaster. John challenged his students to bring in money and canned foods so that they could feed one local family in need during the holiday season. His thoughtfulness and generosity were contagious! In the years that followed, the entire Science Department got on board and decided to help. All of the science classes collected money and food, and they were able to increase the number of families being helped each year. When John Feaster retired, two science teachers, Tom and Christine Clarke, took over and the Food Drive became a school-wide event. Every department began collecting money and food. When Tom and Christine retired, their former student and current Sonora teacher, Heather Bradley, took over to keep the tradition going. Heather graciously ran the food drive for 9 years. This year, the Science Department is running the food drive.

Each year, the Food Drive has raised anywhere from $20,000-$41,000 and feeds 90-120 families in need in our local community. The students and clubs have continued to create new Food Drive traditions with the addition of things like blanket-making, Sweet Treat baskets, stockings, and the toy drive, among others. It is a Sonora High School, time-honored tradition that we are extremely proud to have started and to have continued over the past 43+ years.