La Sierra High School Mission Statement

  • The Mission of La Sierra High School is to provide:
    • Education To a Uniquely Diverse Student Population
    • Using Research-Validated Strategies of Instruction
    • Assessments that Promote Experiential Learning
    • Cultivate Successful Life-Long Learners & Active Community Participation

Student Learning Outcomes

  • La Sierra Students will:
    Meet Academic Standards appropriate to their learning potential:
    • Demonstrate the ability to read, write, listen and speak effectively.
    • Achieve competency in appropriate math levels.
    • Demonstrate skill & knowledge in the use of technology. 
    • Acquire a broader, more comprehensive awareness of both natural & social sciences.
    Demonstrate personal responsibility:
    • Practice goal setting.
    • Acquire organizational skills
    • Demonstrate accountability
    • Develop skills for independent living.
    Develop respect for themselves and others:
    • Gain an understanding of cultural and individual differences.
    • Demonstrate appropriate social & behavioral skills.