Academy of the Arts

  • Mission Statement of the Academy of the Arts

    The Mission of the Academy of the Arts is to provide an elevated and accelerated program to students in north Orange County who have an exceptional need, interest, or talent in the arts.

Visual Arts Contacts

  • Maggie Crail

    Dept. Chair
    Foundation - AP Photography, Visual Arts IB

    Scott Hudson

    3D Design, AP Studio Art, Communication Design, Drawing & Painting

    Gabby Kudron

    Foundation - AP Photography, Visual Arts IB

    Diana Pastrana

    Computer Graphics, Art of Video Production, Video Production

Performing Arts Contacts

  • Karen Bradbury


    Michael Depars


    Scott Hedgecock

    Vocal Music/Piano/IB Music

    Troy Trimble

    Instrumental Music/Jazz/AP Music Theory

    Lauren McNair


    Also Featuring

    Melissa Lyons Caldretti - Vocal Studio Instructor
    Anthony Lopez - Collaborative Artist/Accompanist
    David Bartle - Percussion Instructor
    Giezel Lababit - Color Guard Instructor
    Ria Laza - Color Guard Tech
    Emily Garcia-Nelson - Front Ensemble Tech