• Online Subscription Databases and eBooks
    Sonora's subscription online databases and eBooks provide students with access to research materials not available on the public Internet. A variety of databases provide information on different topics.
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      The password is "fjuhsd

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    Gale Database-Student Resources in Context-this database contains references to millions of different topics. It is be best website to use as you begin your research. The password is "fjuhsd"
    Gale Database-Opposing Viewpoints in Context-pro and con articles written on a variety of social issues; also includes background essays, images, and related websites on the topics - a great resource for frequently researched topics! The password is "fjuhsd"

    eBOOKS  Also see the Classic Books On-Line links of the library page

    If you have a public library card, visit the public library website to see other databases available to you - have your library card number handy! Look for links to the local public library websites below.