How to Contact Staff Members

  • To contact a teacher at Sonora please call 562-266-2003 to be forwarded to the teachers voicemail during class time. Please keep in mind teachers cannot answer the phone when they are in the middle of teaching their class. 

    Often the most direct way of contacting teachers is via email. You can find a list of our staff members by clicking the Staff Directory. You can search for a staff member by name and/or department. To search by department: scroll to the right on the tabs in the staff directory. Once you have found the desired department, click "search all." You will be provided a list of names of staff members in that department for you to contact. 

    Should you have difficulty contacting a teacher via the website:
    Our email system is set up to include the persons first initial and last name and then 
    Joe Smith is
    *We have a very aggressive spam filter please have patience while awaiting a reply. Teachers should check their email at least once every school day.