Regional Occupation Program for North Orange County

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  • The Regional Occupational Program (ROP) is free to all high school students and offers hands-on training to develop marketable skills and to encourage good work attitudes. Studens can earn elective credits by taking an ROP class during the regular school day and/or after school. And certain ROP classes can fulfill the UC approved a-glist. Students who take ROP classes attain entry-level job skills, prepare for well-paying careers, and prepare for advanced career training.
    Arts, Media & Visual Entertainment
    Building Trades & Construction
    Education, Child Development & Family Services
    Finance & Business
    Health Science & Medical Technology
    Hospitality,Tourism & Recreation/ Aquatics / Culinary Arts / Theme Park
    Manufacturing & Product Development
    Marketing, Sales & Service
    Public Services

    For more information or to sign up for courses, please contact your ROP counselor.

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