• 21/22 Data Confirmation Parent Instructions 

    • Completion of Data Confirmation is your “ticket” into Business Days where you can get your class schedule, select a locker, buy spirit packages, get your picture taken, and more! By completing Data Confirmation BEFORE Business Days, you will get to skip the longer line!

    • If you do not complete Data Confirmation prior to your assigned Business Day, you will be routed to a different room to complete it, and then, asked to get back in line to complete the Orientation/Business Days process. 

    • In order to prove you have completed Data Confirmation, please print out the emergency card at the very end with a parent signature. This will be your ticket in the door. If you do not have a printer, you will be routed to a printing location before starting your Business Day Experience. 

    • All parents/students must complete Data Confirmation, or your account will be locked out of the Parent Portal. Data Confirmation is a mandatory part of being a FJUHSD student. 

    • If you have questions about Data Confirmation please contact:

    • If you need to reset your password for the parent email address you provided for Parent Portal please go to https://mystudent.fjuhsd.org/Parent/LoginParent.aspx and click “Forgot Password?” You will receive an email from ADNA to reset your password. If you forgot the email address associated with your account, please email one of the above contacts to inquire. 



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