iSierra Online Academy/Independent Study: General Information

  • Thank you for your interest in iSierra Online Academy's Summer Independent Study Program. 

    iSierra offers an experience in which students work in their course(s) online, and come in for a mandatory weekly progress appointment.  Students can complete and submit all of their coursework from home, or anywhere they have an internet connection, but they must take unit tests in the iSierra lab. Students must earn at least one academic credit each week in order to remain enrolled in the program. 

    • The summer session runs for 6 weeks, and students can earn a maximum of 15 credits during this time.  Once students have earned all of their desired/assigned credits, they are done with summer school.
    • The summer session is from Monday, June 3rd to Thursday, July 11th.  


    To enroll in the iSierra Online Academy's summer session, you must qualify for one of the three categories below.  

     CATEGORY 1:  You are a currently enrolled iSierra Independent Study student.  


    CATEGORY 2:  You are a non-graduating senior.


    CATEGORY 3:  You are an incoming 9th grade iSierra Online Academy Blended student.