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  • Make UP Honors Entrance Test 


    Wednesday, March 10, 2021


    AP/IB/Honors 8th Grade Honors Entrance Testing




    March 10th: Go Formative Code                    https://goformative.com/join  Code: 3GNXY8         


    This year Fullerton will be using multiple measures to assess students for acceptance into our honors program.

    If you are interested in being accepted into the honors program students must submit your semester grades for their 7th grade year and the first semester of their 8th grade year to mhenderson@fjuhsd.org.

    Students will be accepted provisionally into the program pending the results of their IReady test that will take this year at the local junior highs.

    The essay that is required for admittance will be found on Go Formative.

                Students will have one hour to complete the essay.

                Students may start the essay at any time during the day (starting at 9:00am).

                The essay will close and lock at 10:30pm

                Students must write the essay alone without any help

    Students will receive an email with their results before registration in March.


    Mark Henderson



    Fullerton Union High School

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