Senior Financial Aid Night


    BPHS Cafeteria

    Presenation in English and Spanish



    To qualify for any state or federal financial aid, you must submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) if you are eligible.



    Filing period for the FAFSA is October 1- March 2nd

    FAFSA website http://fafsa.gov 

    Federal student aid information: studentaid.ed.gov

    You will need a FSA ID to sign your FAFSA electronically 

    The GPA verification will be submitted by the school. Student will only then need to complete the FAFSA.

    Use the FAFSA4caster to estimate your financial aid eligibility. Click here


    California Dream Act

    Filing period for the Dream Act Application is October 1- March 2nd

    Allows AB540 eligible students to apply for and receive:

    • Privately funded scholarships at public colleges and universities
    • Instituional financial aid, such as UC Grant, State University Grants, EOP and EOPS grants and fee waivers, and community college BOG fee waivers
    • State financial aid such as Cal Grants and Chafee Grants

    You are an AB540 eligible student if you:

    • Attended a CA high school for 3 or more years
    • Grauduated from a CA high school or attained the equivalent
    • Registered or are currently enrolled at an accredited CA college or university; and
    • Filed an affidavit with your college or university stating that you have or intend to file an application to legalize your immigration status, if applicable

    At the following link, you will find the Dream Act application and worksheet: dream.csac.ca.gov

    The GPA verification will be submitted by the school. Student will only then need to complete the Dream Act application.


    Our scholarship database can be found in Naviance. All students have an account and will be connected to Naviance in a Career Unit. See your counselor if you need to know your login information. For Naviance, click here.

    There are many scholarship websites you can use. Make sure any you use do not charge a fee for their services. Also, do not use a FAFSA website that charges you to process it. If you need assistance filling out the FAFSA, see your student's counselor.

    Some scholarships are posted in the Counseling Office, outside Mrs. Arciba's office.

    The following free websites are also available for scholarship search:








    Cal Grant GPA Opt-Out Form 

    All seniors will be deemed a Cal Grant applicant unless the student and their parent/guardian has opted out prior to the high school's submission of GPAs to the Commission.  Students who DO NOT OPT-OUT will have their GPA submitted to the California Student Aid Commission to be considered for a Cal Grant award.  Students who do not want Buena Park High School to report a GPA, please complete the Cal Grant GPA Opt-Out From and return it to the Buena Park High School Counseling Office by January 1st of the student's junior year.