Discipline Policy


    Students may be assigned Saturday school by administrators for failure to attend detention, truancy, excessive tardiness, various disciplinary problems and infractions of school rules, or in lieu of one days’ suspension. The Saturday sessions are intended to be a structured program of supervised study time. Therefore, students who are assigned are expected to come prepared with school work to do. Classes will be held from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon. If you have any questions abut this program, please contact our Dean of Attendance. Students who attend may not bring radios, CD or cassette players, have food or drink in the room during study periods, or bring visitors into the classroom.

    Students who are disruptive for any reason in the opinion of the Saturday School supervisor will be removed and referred back to the administrator who assigned the Saturday School, as will students who fail to attend when assigned. Failure to attend may result in suspension from school. 


    Sonora High School offers an In-School Suspension Program as a disciplinary consequence. At the discretion of the school administrator, a student may be assigned In-School Suspension in lieu of suspension out-of-school. Students assigned In-School-Suspension are expected to report to the In- School Suspension Room after 5th period on the assigned day and remain there until 3:30.p.m.  While there, students are expected to complete schoolwork and to study. Failure to attend or failure to follow any of the rules will result in suspension out-of-school. 


    The Fullerton Joint Union High School District has banned the following:

    • Any kind of gun (real or fake)
    • Any kind of knife (real or fake)
    • Any kind of explosive (real or fake)
    • Any kind of drug (real or fake)
    • Any kind of tagging
    • Sexual harassment

    Fullerton Joint Union High School District schools adhere to a policy of zero tolerance. Students in violation of this policy are subject to expulsion. Parents and students are encouraged to report safety concerns to the District’s Keep Our Schools Safe Hotline by calling 1-800-924-SAFE. 


    The Education Code includes the following reasons for suspension:

    • Infliction of, attempted, or threatened physical injury to another person (EC48900a)
    • Possession or sale of any firearm, weapon, knife, explosive or other dangerous objects (EC 48900b)
    • Possession, use, sale, or furnishing of any controlled substance, drugs, alcoholic beverages or intoxicants (EC 48900c)
    • Offered, arranged, or negotiated to sell an alcoholic beverage, intoxicant, or controlled substance, and sale, delivery, or furnishing of a liquid, substance, or material represented as any controlled substance, alcoholic beverage, intoxicant of any kind (EC48900d).
    • Committed or attempted robbery or extortion (EC48900e).
    • Caused or attempted to cause damage to school or private property (EC48900f).
    • Stole or attempted to steal school or private property (EC48900g).
    • Possessed or used tobacco (EC48900h).
    • Habitual profanity, obscene acts, vulgarity (EC48900l)
    • Possessed, offered, arranged, or negotiated to sell any drug paraphernalia (EC48900j).
    • Disruption of school activities or willful defiance (EC48900k).
    • Possessed an imitation firearm.
    • Knowingly received stolen school property or private property (EC48900.1).
    • Engaged in sexual harassment (EC48900.2).
    • Engaged in hate violence (EC48900.3).
    • Intentional harassment, threats, or intimidation (EC48900.4).

    Note: Teachers are not required to provide assignments for suspended students (EC48913).