ACT Now!

  • ACT Now! club is a direct construction of an organization, the idea of which was born from CHALLENGE DAY activities. The Challenge Day professional facilitators asked that we (students, other participants, and adult sponsors from Buena Park High School) continue the aim, the activities, and the drive that were focused upon so strongly during the days of the 2011 Challenge-Day activities.

    ACT Now! club's mission is similar to that of the organization from which it was born: "NOTICE what needs to be changed in order to make the social community a better place. CHOOSE the specific items upon which to focus. ACT upon a definitive plan of action."

    ACT Now! club is NOT officially connected with the Challenge Day entity, but revolves around that organization's mission statement of "BE THE CHANGE."

    Buena Park ACT Now! club is strictly a service and teaching club, and does not plan to fundraise in the foreseeable future. What it will do is ACT positively and actively upon a few recognized situations on the BPHS campus during the years in between the Challenge Day staff visits. Challenge Day is planned to be a bi-ennial event, with 2010-11 being a visit-by-facilitators year. This year (2011-12), the ACT Now club's activities will serve as a spirit bridge--a bridge from last year's Challenge Day activities to next year's Challenge Day activities.

    The club's pragmatic purpose is to keep the spirit of "good will, understanding, and service to others" alive on campus as it leads and supports other clubs to create an even more positive climate at BPHS.

    Ron Carcich, Adult Sponsor, Teacher, Buena Park High School
    Phone: 714.992.8690

    Harpreet Singh, Founder & President