Homework & Make Up Work

  • Homework

    Homework assignments are an important supplement to the classroom instruction and they contribute significantly to the achievement of the goals and objectives of every class. Time set aside for homework allows for the critical review of concepts, for reflection about new ideas generated by classroom discussions, for practice and review of skills introduced during the class period, and for the development of self-learning skills. In addition, homework can help students develop self-discipline, self-reliance, and effective time management skills. Parents are urged to take an active part in the education of their students by keeping themselves informed about homework requirements.

    Study Habits

    1. Attend school regularly and be on time.
    2. Listen and participate in class.
    3. Ask questions until you are sure you understand an assignment.
    4. Talk to your teacher if you need extra help in a subject
    5. Set aside a regular time for study at home.
    6. Have a quiet, well-lighted place for study at home.
    7. Don't put things off. Do your work as soon as possible and allow ample time for each assignment.
    8. Study the hardest things first. Take advantage of the time when you are fresh and most alert.
    9. Make use of the resources in your school library. Its books and reference materials were selected to support your class assignments.
    10. Remember, good study habits are learned. Find an approach to each subject that works for you.

    Make-Up Work

    Absence from class is one of the greatest contributing factors to unsatisfactory school work and should be avoided except in emergencies or illness. Schoolwork missed because of legal absence should be made up within a period of time equal to that of the time lost. In cases involving serious illness or injury, this time may be extended. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange for making up work missed. The faculty will assist students, but they will not use classroom instructional time to pursue missed work.