• Acceptable Use of Technology

    A. Acceptable use of technology and electronic information resources includes:

    1. Communication in support of research and learning.
    2. Access and exploration of appropriate information and resources
    3. Work on class assignments or projects
    4. Publishing World Wide Web/Internet sites and pages in acoordance with District Guidelines.

    B. Unacceptable use of technology and electronic information resources includes:
    1. Use for any illegal purpose.
    2. Use for financial gain or for commercial, political, and/or personal use unrelated to an educational purpose.
    3. Use involving impolite, inappropriate, abusive, dangerous, or obscene language.
    4. Use involving accessing and/or changing computer files that do not belong to the user.
    5. Use involving sending, receiving, or copying copyrighted material without permission.
    6. Use involving cheating or plagiarizing.
    7. Use that violates the rights of privacy of others.
    8. Use that violates the rules of common sense or etiquette.
    9. Use that accesses restricted information, harmful matter, obscene, profane or otherwise inappropriate material.
    10. Use that results in vandalism of property.
    11. Use that results in harassment of others, including but not limited to defamatory statements aimed at person's gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, or political beliefs.
    12. Use that compromises the security of operating software.

    Inappropriate Materials

    The District does not have control of the information that resides on the Internet. Some information may contain harmful matter, be inaccurate, obscene, profane, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate for educational purposes. The District does not condone or permit the use of such materials in the school environment, and to the extent possible, will restrict student access to such information.

    Failure to abide by the guidelines set forth in this regulation may result in one or more of the following actions:

    Parent conference
    Suspension and/or termination of computer-use privileges
    A zero grade on related assignments and/or removal from course
    Suspension and/or expulsion from school
    Referral to law enforcement authorities
    Other appropriate consequences