General Policies

  • Substance Abuse
    Any student involved in the unlawful possession, use, sale, possession with the intent to sell, or otherwise furnishing of a dangerous substance, i.e. alcohol, drugs, (bogus or look-alike) or other substance which alter a student behavior at any school-sponsored function will be suspended from BPHS. At the end of the suspension, the student may be allowed to re-enter the school or be transferred to another school in the District, including La Vista High School. The principal may recommend to the Board of Trustees that the student be expelled. In order to enforce these regulations, school authorities will inspect lockers, personal belongings, or student cars whenever it is deemed necessary.
    School Property
    Students and their parents shall be responsible for all damage to equipment or school property. Expense incurred by the District in replacing or repairing school property lost, damaged, or destroyed by a pupil shall be paid to the District by the pupil, his parent or guardian. This responsibility applies in the matter of books and supplies of all kinds, as well as equipment, buildings and grounds.
    Sexual Harassment
    Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment. This behavior includes:
    1. Comments repeatedly emphasizing the sexuality or sexual identity of an individual
    2. Persistent requests for a social-sexual encounters and favors
    3. Physical contact of a lewd type
    4. Indecent exposure
    5. Realized sexual encounters
    6. Sexual crimes including rape
    Efforts will be made to stop inappropriate behavior at an informal level; however, persistent unacceptable behavior warrants suspension. Continued inappropriate behavior after that will require additional disciplinary action.
    Student Parking and Use of Motor Vehicles
    Students driving automobiles, motorcycles, or other power vehicles to school, even occasionally, are required to register them with the Assistant Principal, Instruction/Student Affairs, in the Activities Office. Parking stickers will be issued to identify a valid student parking space holder. Seniors will receive a special sticker for the Senior Parking area. Cars in the parking lot without a school sticker clearly displayed will receive a parking ticket from the Buena park Police Department. Students may not be in motor vehicles or in the student parking lot during their school day. Cars parked on campus are subject to search by school personnel or other civil authorities.
    Closed Campus Policy
    Buena park High School is a closed campus, including lunch time. If a student leaves campus at any time during the school day without clearing through the attendance office, the absence from class will not be excused and will be regarded as a cut. Any three unexcused absences from a class will result in loss of credits required for graduation.
    For exceptional reasons, some students may be authorized to leave campus during the regular school day or placed on a shortened day schedule. Students are not to loiter in or near homes or apartments that are adjacent to the school at any time, before, after or during their school day.
    In the event a student leaves campus, neither the district nor any of its employees can be liable for the conduct or safety of the student during that period.
    Off Campus Lunch Pass Requirements
    Parents may request that students be issued lunch passes good for the present school year only. Such passes are issued only after a face-to-face meeting with the parent, the student, and Dean of Academic Services. Students may be denied a lunch pass based on poor attendance, discipline, or academic issues. If the pass is issued, a sticker will be placed on the student's I.D. card. When off campus, the school assumes no responsibility for the student's safety. In general, the school discourages the issuance of lunch passes.  Only 11th and 12th grade students are eligible for lunch passes.
    Coyote Accounts
    The Coyote Accounts Office is located in the Main Office. It is open each day before school, during nutrition and lunch, and after school. Coyote Accounts sells tickets for most school activities, ASB cards, and monthly OCTA bus passes. Students should use the outside window to do any business or ask questions.
    The cafeteria serves over 1,000 students and staff members on a daily basis. Our cafeteria offers a wide variety of foods, from snack items to the student tray lunch and a variety of hot entrees. The cafeteria also provides an opportunity for student employment during break and lunch. In addition to receiving a salary the students are given an opportunity to experience, for many, what is their first job. The cafeteria staff always tries to provide service in a pleasant manner as well as good food.
    Free and Reduced Price School Meals
    Fullerton Union High School District is an active participant in the National School Lunch Act. Students may obtain application blanks for this program in the Guidance Office. Parents and guardians of students applying for this program are urged to read all application instructions carefully and to complete the form in its entirety. For additional information on this program, please call 992-8780.
    Health Service
    Students who become ill during the school day should, with their classroom teacher's permission, report to the Attendance Office. An up-to-date EMERGENCY CARD must be on file in the office for every student and this card must be updated each year. If a student has chronic or severe health problem, please note this on the EMERGENCY CARD. Students will not be allowed to leave school unless a parent can be contacted and permission has been given.
    The school provides all textbooks used by BPHS students. Students should show handle books with care. In most classes, students will be issued a textbook to keep at home for out of class assignments. Room sets of books will be used for in-class assignments. Students should write their names in ink on the first blank line of the space provided inside the front cover of their home set of books. They should also complete a textbook card for each book used, noting on the back any damage to the book. Before a student's record is cleared at the end of the semester, all books must be checked in. If a book is lost, stolen, damaged or defaced, the student will be assessed the cost of the book.
    Textbook distribution and collection is located in the library. It is open each day before school, during nutrition and lunch, and after school. Students who need to check out or are returning books need to go to the library. Also, textbook records will be maintained in the library.
    Physical Education Lockers
    Use of P.E. lockers is limited to use by Physical Education students only. The following rules will be observed:
    1. Only P.E. clothes should be stored in P.E. lockers.
    2. During P.E. classes only, textbooks and personal possessions may be placed in P.E. lockers while dressing out.
    3. Neither the school nor the Fullerton Union High School District is responsible for losses occurring from these lockers.
    4. Students should not reveal their locker combinations to anyone except school authorities.
    Lost and Found
    The lost-and-found center is located in Room 27. All articles found on campus should be turned in and picked up in Room 27. Valuables will be locked up until identified and claimed. All unclaimed lost-and-found items will be disposed of at the end of the school year.
    Conferences With Teachers
    If for any reason a parent would like to talk to a teacher, parents are encouraged to contact the teacher directly. Our teaching staff will return the call within 48 hours. Each teacher has one preparation period set aside during the school day to prepare for classes, to work with students and to meet with parents. If you feel a personal conference is necessary, please feel free to contact the teacher or the student's counselor.