Behavior Expectations

  • Buena Park High School is a place dedicated to learning, to growing, and to developing positive friendships. This is a school where students and staff work hard on academics, and at the appropriate time enjoy athletics, social, and recreational activities -- but always in the right way. It essential that students and their families understand that high standards of behavior will be maintained at Buena Park High School.

    Student behavior/performance expectations

    Learning is our highest priority at Buena Park High School. In order to provide for a campus climate which best supports learning, students are expected to follow the directions of all school employees and observe these standards:

    1. Students are to be in their classroom seats or assigned work stations with necessary materials when the bell rings, ready to work.
    2. Students are not to interfere with the learning of others.
    3. Students are to respect the rights and property of others.
    4. Students may leave class only with the teacher's permission and a pass.
    5. Students are not to bring radios to school. Radios will be held in the office and my be returned only to parents.
    6. Skateboards are prohibited at Buena Park High School.
    7. Beepers, pagers, and other electronic communication devices are illegal for students to possess on campus. These will be confiscated and returned only to a parent.
    8. Students are to carry a Buena Park High School I. D. card while on campus and at all school events. Replacement I.D. cards cost $5.00.


    Students who are unable to comply with the standards of conduct at Buena Park High School may be involved in one or more of the following actions designed to assist the student in developing acceptable behavior and responsibility:

    1. Conference with student and/or parent
    2. Detention
    3. Suspension and/or In-School suspension
    4. Denial of school privileges
    5. Removal from class
    6. Transfer to another school, including La vista High School
    7. Recommendation for expulsion

    Reasons for suspension

    1. Damage to or theft of school or private property.
    2. Infliction of , or threatened physical injury to another person.
    3. Possession or sale of firearms, knives, weapons or explosives.
    4. Possession, use, sale or furnishing of drugs, alcoholic beverages, intoxicants, bogus or look-alike substances.
    5. Smoking, possession of tobacco, profanity, obscene acts, vulgarity or slander.
    7. editing, publishing, distributing materials or publications that are libelous, obscene, lewd, or which demean any race, religion, sex or ethnic group.
    8. Gambling
    9. Sexual Harassment

    Due Process for Students

    The Education Code provides the following due process procedures for students:

    1. Suspensions are to be preceded by an informal conference between administrator and the student.
    2. At the conference, the student is to be informed of the reasons for the suspension.
    3. A student will be given the opportunity to present his/her side of the issue.
    4. The student's parents/guardians are to be notified of the reason for the suspension, date and time of return, their right to access to school records and the appeal process.

    Fireworks and explosives

    Any student while on campus or at a school function who possesses or ignites any firework or explosive will be, at the minimum, suspended. At the end of the suspension the student may be allowed to re-enter the school or be transferred to another district high school, including La vista High School. If the incident also involves injury to the possessions or person of another individual or the possessions of the District, the student may be recommended to the Board of Trustees for expulsion.

    Saturday School and In-School Suspension

    Students may be assigned to Saturday School or In-School Suspension by administrators for various disciplinary problems and infractions of school rules, or in lieu of a one day suspension. The Saturday sessions are intended to be a structured program of supervised study time. Therefore, students who are assigned are expected to come prepared with schoolwork to do. Classes are held between 8:00 a.m. and 12 noon in Room 43 or at the boys and Girls' Club in Buena Park.

    The In-School Suspension (ISS) is intended to serve as an alternative to outright suspension. Students will work throughout the day to beautify the campus.