Calls and notes should include the following information:
    • Name of student
    • Student’s grade level
    • Date(s) of absence
    • Reason for absence
    • Parent/Guardian name/signature
    Absences, which are not cleared within three days, will be marked on the student's attendance records as truant. For each three (3) unexcused absences to a particular class within a semester, a student will fail to earn one (1) unit of class credit.
    Medical appointments will be cleared with a doctor's note, stating the time and date. It is the District or its representative who determines if an absence is excused or unexcused based on information that "establishes the facts" with regard to the absence, not the parents/guardians.
    Students must check out with the attendance office before leaving campus. If a student does not follow procedures, they will not be excused for the periods missed. This would be considered a truancy. Truancy in a class may result in disciplinary action such as Saturday School and/or suspension.
    Parent conferences may be required for attendance problems. For persistent truancy, an alternative education program will be considered. State Law states that any student who misses three (3) periods or has three (3) tardies, which are unexcused in one school year, is identified as a habitual truant.
    The Dean of Academic Services and/or attendance office secretary will attempt to notify parents of persistent absenteeism. Parents and guardians, however, are urged to take the initiative in monitoring student attendance by calling the attendance office at (714)992-8638, or Dean of Academic Services, at (714)992-8623.
    The following reasons for absences are valid:
    1. Verified illness (any student absence of more than 5 days may require a doctor's note upon a student's return.)
    2. Serious illness or death in the immediate family
    3. Emergency medical or dental attention
    4. Absences approved in advance by a school administrator
    5. Authorized religious holidays
    The following are examples of absences, which may not be excused as prescribed by the attendance laws:
    1. Truancy
    2. Missing the bus
    3. Trips not approved in advance
    4. Shopping
    5. Birthday or other celebrations
    6. Gainful employment
    7. Baby sitting
    The faculty, staff and administration of Buena Park High School believe that regular and punctual attendance play a key role in student achievement. This belief is supported by the FJUHSD Policy and provisions of the California Education Code. Students are responsible for attending class on time each day, ready to work.
    Third Unexcused Tardy
    The teacher assigns a 1-hour detention
    • Reviews the problem with the student advising him/her of the potential citizenship grade reduction and potential future Saturday school
    • Teacher makes a personal phone call to parent (not via Teleparent) informing them of the problem and potential consequences if problem persists.
    Sixth Unexcused Tardy
    Referral to Dean of Academic Services
    • 2-hour Saturday School assignment issued
    • The student receives an “N” citizenship grade.
    • Parent/guardian is informed
    Ninth Unexcused Tardy
    Referral to Dean of Academic Services
    • 4-hour Saturday School assignment issued
    • The student receives a “U” citizenship grade.
    • Parent/guardian is informed
    Twelfth Unexcused Tardy
    Referral to Dean of Academic Services
    • 1-day Suspension issued.
    • A Parent conference is held prior to the student returning back to school.
    Off-Campus Transfer
    A student finding it necessary to leave campus before the end of the school day must obtain permission and an "Off-Campus Transfer" from the attendance office prior to leaving campus. If a student leaves campus without following this procedure, the student will be marked truant from the classes missed. To obtain an Off-campus Transfer, a student may bring a note from a parent/guardian (with a phone number where the parent can be reached) to the attendance office before school or during lunch or break.