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  • Parents are needed at Buena Park High School

    The Parent Teacher Student Association Is the place for you!! 

    Buena Park High School's Parent Teacher Student Association is our local chapter of one of the largest volunteer organizations in the country.  The National PTA was founded by three mothers over 100 years ago.  The original purpose was to speak to administrators and legislators for the rights and welfare of children in public schools.  Today, child advocacy is still a primary effort in our schools, Sacramento and Washington D.C.  See www.capta.org to learnmore.

    BPHS PTSA began in 1957.  Since then, we have awarded many scholarships, helped with field trip bus fees, supported the Child Welfare Fund, and contributed to school events such as Challenge Day, Red Ribbon Week, Renaissance Student Achievement Recognition Program and Senior Reflections Award Night.  Volunteers have provided Helping Hands for textbook barcode labeling, distribution and collection; to collate, fold, address, staple and fill envelopes of school mailings and the Coyote Courier Newsletter. They have also organized students to assist the district nurse with hearing and vision tests once a year.  For several years, volunteers also donated food for the December and May Staff Goody Days and the Bake Sales on Back to School Night and Open House.  Students have completed their community service hours or filled a board position to list on their college or scholarship applications.
    Our fundraisers include Bake Sales, Football Snack Bar, Gift Wrapping, International Day, Food Fest, and restaurant nights. The more people there are who participate in our fundraisers or make a small donation, the more BPHS PTSA can financially support school activities, ultimately supporting as many students as possible.

    Here are a few ways to get involved. Please sign up on the attached volunteer form.
    1)  Encourage your Student to fulfill their Economics, Government or Service Club Community Service Hours.  They can help in the football snack bar or other events.  We also would like student representatives at each meeting.  Our events are usually announced over the intercom, on the electronic marquee on the PAC, and through phone messages.
    2)  If you want to help but have no time, you can make a tax deductible donation payable to BPHS PTSA for any amount and drop it off in the office.We can provide a non-profit organization gift letter for your tax records.
    3)  We need PARENTS!  Your Helping Hands are needed to stuff envelopes, fold or address bulk mailings during school hours. Leave your name and phone number with Karen Oja at the main office.  Parents are also needed to help at our fundraisers at various times throughout the year. A Phone Chairman for each grade would also help events run smoothly.
    4)  You can also come to PTSA meetings if you want to find out more information or you have other ideas to help the students, clubs and school programs. 
    Meeting Dates:
    Wednesday, January 27, 2016-Nominating Committee Election Meeting
    Wednesday, February 24, 2016
    Wednesday, March 23, 2016-2016-17 Executive Board Election Meeting
    Wednesday, April 27, 2016
    Wednesday, May (TBD)

    Optional BPHS PTSA membership is $10.00 per school year.
    Please feel free to contact the board by emailing us at bphsptsa@gmail.com
    Meetings are held on the Fourth Wednesday of every month in room 82 at 6:30pm!!

    Board Members:
    President: Tiffany Halsey-Medearis
    Treasurer: Diana Trout
    Secretary: Sylvia Leija
    Historian: Destiny Medearis

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